How To Make Money From Life’s Lessons

My grandkids love McDonald’s…

Not so much for the food, I think…

But, because our local Mickey D’s has a pretty sweet indoor playground.

Has all the bells and whistles…



They Have it all…

So, even though I’m not a huge fan of their burgers, we go to let the kids be kids.

I took them out for lunch and play the other day and after we ordered I looked at my receipt. 

After the happy meals, a burger for myself and my wife, and a few coffees, it came out to 16 bucks or so.

That’s cool…

I’m not harping on their pricing.

It’s pretty cheap.

What I’m trying to get at, is that we as humans spend money like this all the time, every day.

Whether it be Mickey D’s or at Starbucks or whatever.

And we think nothing of it.

It’s just daily living.

And people are perfectly willing to spend this money without thinking twice about it.

Yet, when people get offered a chance to make hundreds and then thousands of dollars per month online for less than that… $12.

They freeze and don’t want to spend the money to make themselves better and possibly financially free.

Quit standing in your way, join the team and begin your success

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Creating your success,

Vernon Rudolph


PS: Don’t wait too long to grab this, the way it is growing they are talking of raising the price.  Maybe $12 is too cheap.  There is talk of raising the price to $24.95.  I hope not, but don’t wait.

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