How Do I Make $100 a Day on Youtube Without Recording Videos

How Do I Make $100 a Day on Youtube Without Recording Videos

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The post below was an answer I provided pertaining to a question on Quora that conditions– How perform I create $100 a time on YouTube without taping videos?
It is actually feasible to make or even create at least $100 a time without capturing any video clip and also posting it to Youtube. There are many ways of doing this as well as I will describe a few of all of them below.
The first one is actually to use what is referred to as “Creative Commons”. What this suggests is actually that there are some people who have published their video recordings into Youtube however permits to a third party the freedom to use such videos. To do this, head over to Youtube, enter your intended keyword, when all the online videos show up, click on the filter web link, and here is what you will certainly see:
Hit on Creative Commons under “Features”, you are going to find video recordings that drop under the category of Creative Commons, click on any of the videos, and also scroll to the explanation where you will find Creative Commons acknowledgment permit (reuse allowed) as in the picture below:


Youtube enables the reuse of video recordings with creative commons and also even enables you to ensure such videos utilizing its own Google Adsense.
A second strategy is making use of online video recording creator that has tons of layouts, pictures, video clips that you can easily choose and create it your very own. There are actually some that even allow you to add your vocal to the video clips as well as among such is There are various other video recording creators as well including, Introducing Promo! Create top quality advertising and marketing videos promptly as well as a lot more, merely investigation for even more online video developers with the search engines and pick the one that entice you most.
The 3rd strategy is to help make collection online videos, this indicates you are going to seek video recordings that are actually comparable in attribute as well as free to utilize. Download the videos and assemble them into one solitary video clip and upload it to Youtube, Vimeo or also Instagram (IGTV). If the video recordings are actually comical or even prominent you acquire brand-new customers and you can utilize Youtube Google ads to monetise such videos. To collect your video clips you will certainly need an online video collection software application such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS center), Open Shot Video Editor and a lot more.
The final technique I will review right here is actually working with a specialist video recording consultant to carry out the recording for you. There are actually lots of these freelancers on,,,, as well as considerably even more. You do not need to capture the online videos yourself and you can easily still create amount of money from the online videos if you recognize how to make your videos go viral on the web.

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